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Home Staging Tips to Downplay a Home's "Flaws"

Today's real estate market is highly competitive so if you want your home to stand out from the other listings, you'll want to ensure that the home's best features are highlighted, and the "flaws" are downplayed. Following are my home staging tips for downplaying the things that may put off some buyers:


Hanging cream or white patterned shear curtains will not only help to mask the view, but also allow the natural light to flood the room. It also further enhances the room by adding some softness and elegance.


Help break up the large amount of cold floor tiles or worn out carpets by adding large area rugs to the seating areas such as the living room and dining room. If the tile has a dark and "busy" colour or pattern (i.e. slate), then just use light solid colour rugs to add contrast. If the tile or rug is a solid lighter colour, then you could add patterned area rugs for contrast and interest.


If the cabinets are in good condition, just updating the hardware to a more contemporary chrome can make the oak feel less dated, especially if the counter and backsplash have also been updated. If your budget allows for it, you could also have the cabinets professionally painted cream/white or a contemporary light grey colour that will surely appeal to the buyers.


If the wall paint is a light neutral colour but the room still feels small and dark, you could create the illusion of more space and light by hanging a large mirror to reflect a window. Also, if the furniture and floors are dark, adding a light coloured area rug and decorative pillows will help to brighten up the space.


By keeping the shower curtain opened, it will help to create more visual square footage in a small bathroom. Also, removing rugs/mats and items on the floor will make the room feel larger.

By implementing these home staging tricks, it will help the buyers to more easily appreciate the various selling features of your home and pay less attention to the less than desirable ones.

Slate tiled walk-out basement made more cozy using neutral area rugs to define spaces.

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