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"The way you live in your home

and the way you market and sell your house

are two different things."

- Barb Schwarz -



Accentuate withAccesssories...


Partial staging services typically takes 3 - 7 hours depending on the size and amount of staging required of the property.  Leanne will take the owner's personality out of the space and make it more "neutral" so that buyers may imagine themselves living there.  Overly personal spaces make buyers feel uncomfortable, like they're intruding in your life which causes them not to give your house a careful, thorough look.  In order to MINIMIZE your time on the market, and MAXIMIZE your sale price, the home may need to be thoroughly cleaned, de-cluttered, de-personalized, re-arranged, organized, freshened and brightened, and accessorized to appeal to today's buyers.


Without over-decorating, Leanne can accentuate your existing furnishings with some of her rented decor such as artwork, throw pillows, lamps, area rugs, and various decorative accessories.



ASSESSMENT  If after the staging consultation the homeowner would like assistance in getting their home ready to market, Leanne will send a proposal to strategically stage the home, which may include the cost of any needed rental furniture and/or decor.  The first month estimate is all inclusive of design plan, time to shop and source rental furniture, round-trip furniture delivery, all day staging (may include an assistant), and de-staging.

DESIGN  Once the proposal is accepted, Leanne will create a design plan appropriate for the property's style, buyer demo-graphic, and price point.  She'll then source out the rental furniture, confirm the mover's price and availability, and then send a contract annotating the final cost.  She'll then pull and pack up the additional art and decor to enhance and showcase the property to its best potential.

STAGING  If rental furniture is required, Leanne will meet the movers at the property and direct / supervise the placement.  She'll then spend the rest of the day "neutralizing" the home and strategically staging it so that the homeowner, and more importantly, the buyers are WOWED.


DE-STAGING  Once an offer has been accepted (YAY!) and the contingencies have been removed, Leanne will ensure a smooth pick-up and load-out of the furnishings prior to closing.





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