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"A house is much more than a mere shelter. 

It should lift us emotionally and spiritually."

- John Saladino -



Refresh & Revitalize


You already own all of the pieces it takes to create a feeling of well-being and pride in your home, but it all just might not "feel right" to you.   What if you could magically have your house full of your knick-knacks and beloved treasures become a home that you can be proud to live and entertain in?  All you need is someone with an eye for design to help you rearrange it all so that your home feels more harmonious and inviting.  Leanne can transform your furniture, existing accessories and personal momentos into a sophisticated arrangement - all in one to two days!


Let her re-design your home before you buy anything new.  She'll examine how you use each and every room and then follow the elements of space planning, colour and balance to create interior spaces designed for your unique needs and desires. 


Should you decide to take it a step further, Leanne can also help you shop for new furniture, artwork, and accessories to further enhance your spaces, as well as help you choose paint colour for your walls.


ASSESSMENT   Leanne will come into your home and she'll discuss with you how you live in each room and how it either currently functions for you and your family, or how you'd prefer it to function.  She'll take notes and photos and then provide you with her Creative Services Agreement to review.

DESIGN   Should you decide to move forward with her services, she'll return on an agreed upon date and spend some time (with, or without a design assistant) rearranging your furniture and transforming your favourite pieces in a new and creative way to invoke a more functional layout and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  She'll help you fall in love with YOUR decor choices all over again!  

SHOPPING   If any additional furniture or decor items are recommended, Leanne will either take you shopping to help you select the most suitable items to compliment your existing items, or shop for it all on your behalf.





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