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Stage to Sell

"Not staging your home

in the current housing market

is like leaving money on the table."

- Audra Slinkey -




Home Staging is the art of STRATEGIC decorating, marketing and psychology as it highlights your home's best features while eliciting a positive emotional response of potential buyers. It showcases your home with the goal of maximizing your sales price and minimizing your time on the market.  


Only 10% of buyers are able to visualize the potential of a home so savvy home sellers and real estate professionals realize that creating a “show home” environment will entice buyers as it helps them to envision themselves living there.


As a professional in the Calgary Home Staging market, Leanne Mackenzie's focus is on improving your largest investment's potential by transforming it into a bright and spacious-feeling home that will appeal to most buyers. This is accomplished by utilizing space planning and home staging techniques in order to accentuate its best features and downplay any flaws. Home staging techniques include de-cluttering, de-personalizing, re-purposing, re-arranging, re-painting, organizing, accessorizing, and cleaning.


Leanne looks at many factors of the home, both inside and out, to create the right balance, mood and "lifestyle" that's representative of the community in which the property is located to increase the chances of a QUICK sale at TOP dollar.




  • 95% of people first view homes for sale over the internet, so yours has to have a strong online impression and stand out from all of the others to get them in the door; 


  • A person forms an opinion of your home within the first 7 - 10 seconds of viewing it,


  • Only 10% of people can envision a home's potential and look past other people's personal belongings and dated decor, so the other 90% need help to see themselves living there. 


  • A fully staged home gives you a competitive edge and can sell for 6 - 15% more than asking price than a vacant home, and 6 - 8% more than non-staged homes (assuming the property is appropriately priced for the market);  


  • A staged home sells on average in half the time of a non-staged home, and often within the first week it's on the market;


  • A staging investment of 0.5 - 3% of the home's asking price typically generates a return of 5 - 15%.  For example, if your home is listed for $600K, you invest $6K in cosmetic renovations and any needed repairs, rented furniture & accessories, and a Home Stager to professionally put it all together, you could receive ~$55K more than if you didn't stage your home!  (If your home and furnishings are already in good condition, you'll spend much less!)


  • A small investment in staging will almost always be less than your first price reduction, not to mention your monthly carrying costs.​


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