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"I will create a fabulous first impression,

 whether it's to stay or to sell."

- Leanne Mackenzie -


Leanne Mackenzie


Leanne is a native Calgarian who recently moved back to Calgary after living and working in the medical device industry in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1994 to 2013.  She decided to move back to Calgary to reconnect with her family and proceeded to get her home of 19 years ready for sale.  Her real estate agent told her that while she had a lovey home and would have no problem selling, she'd most likely receive a higher price if she invested a little bit of time and money to maximize its appeal with some minor, yet effective cosmetic changes and editing down furniture.  After the transformation was complete, she had a move-in ready home that brought in multiple offers and went into contract for 7% above asking price!  


Leanne was so excited by the experience she had with staging her home and its successful end result that she decided to pursue the home staging and re-design business in Calgary so that she may assist other homeowners in getting the most out of their largest investment.  She has since ventured to becoming a stager  extraordinaire and continues to advance her creative talents by taking interior decorating courses and home staging classes at Mount Royal University, as well as becoming a certified colour expert.  


Now that Leanne is back home in her native Canada, she's thoroughly enjoying her new career and helping her clients achieve a fabulous first impression in their home, whether it's to stay or to sell.


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