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"Colour evokes emotion

and is pressed into memory more

than any other aspect of design."

- Kristie Barnett -



Colour with Confidence...


Colour is Complex.   Too often, homeowners end up choosing the wrong paint colours when decorating their home. This can be a costly mistake, especially when paying a professional painter thousands of dollars to have to repaint with a new colour.  In fact, over half of paint sales are generated from people who had made that mistake!  

There are MANY options of colours and combinations to choose for your home, but there are several rules to consider when doing so. This includes which corresponding whites and neutrals to select for the ceiling, doors, and trim based on how their colour undertones coincide with the undertones of the room's fixed finishes, such as the wood or tile floors, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, etc.  As a Certified Color Expert, my 6 step, color palette procedure can guide you through a tried and true selection process so that you end up with a Colour Perfect Home.


ASSESSMENT  I'll first conduct an "interview" over the phone to learn more about you and your home, how you live in it, the existing fixed finishes, your colour preferences and sensitivity, the mood of the room you're after, etc.  

  • Which colours appeal to you most?

  • Will the room be used for entertaining, work, or relaxation?

  • Are you inspired by colours in nature, or a particular era?

  • What is your colour sensitivity?  Do you like bright colour, or more subdued colour?

  • Do you have a decor item you'd like to use such as artwork or an area rug?

  • How much natural light does the room get?  What is it's exposure?  

  • Do you want the room to feel cozy & intimate, cheery & energetic, or calm & serene

CONSULTATION   While I tour your home, I'll make my observations of the various fixed finishes of the rooms and then fill out a 6-Step Colour Read Worksheet.  I'll then discuss the colour undertones that I've determined so that we may create a few harmonious colour palettes.  I'll then leave you with large paint swatches to tape to the walls so that you can see how light affects each of them during different times of the day so that you may confidently make a final selection.

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