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Vacant Staging

Some of the most gorgeous properties sit on the market for months if they're vacant because 90% of buyers have difficulty envisioning themselves living there.  Strategically staged properties typically sell in at least half the time of a non-staged properties and statistically for 5 - 15% more money.


Occupied Staging

The goal is to take the homeowner's personality out of the space and make it more "neutral" for the buyer.  

The home may need to be de-cluttered, de-personalized, re-arranged, organized, and accessorized to maximize the appeal.  Rental furniture and/or decor may be used to further showcase the home.


Staging Consultation

A thorough 2 - 3 hour assessment of the property is conducted with the homeowner in which various recommendations are provided in order to maximize the appeal of the home.  A checklist report is then provided to both the homeowner and real estate agent so that they may then implement the recommendations themselves.

Leanne was exceptional.  

She transformed my boring house into WOW.

The look was clean and modern and highlighted

the features of my house.  She listened to my ideas and

worked with me through the entire design process.


This was my first time using a home stager.

Her design resulted in my house selling within 12 hours of listing.  

I cannot thank Leanne enough for her

professional skills and great eye for design.

Glynis B.

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